Tailor-made services aimed at creating a good social climate in your company.

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  • Our offer

    Social Dialogue Group uses a unique concept and proven methods in all sectors and in several countries to initiate a virtuous circle. This well built and animated circle feeds the quality of social dialogue. We have set-up five pillars to bring you tailor-made support.

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  • 1) Define a strategic vision to provide a framework

    All management requires strategic thinking. The same applies for labor relation management.We help management to define the mission of social dialogue, to foresee objectives and conductive lines of the project as well as to integrate social dialogue in its business model.

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  • 2) Identify and eradicate social irritants

    Social irritants are futile dysfunctions that undermine the employees’ commitment. Some examples: the flashing light on a workstation, an error on the payroll, ...Social Dialogue Group helps reduce social irritants to strengthen the image of the employer in the eye of its staff and minimize the risk of social tension.

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  • 3) Professionalize social communication

    Direct "top-down" and "bottom-up" communication between management and the community of employees is essential to sustain an image of the future, to explain decisions, and especially to know the reality in the field.We advise our clients to put it in place to channel the flow of information within the organization which then gives credibility to the employer.

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  • 4) Develop the social role of the manager

    The manager is the leading actor of social climate and the first representative of management. Strong leadership reduces tension on the workplace and improves dialogue with the unions.We ensure that leadership training programs are completed by this dimension.

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  • 5) Improve social dialogue

    Social dialogue should be structured, organized according to the law, effectively and efficiently. The employer finds in social dialogue a way to inform and be informed, finds support for managerial decisions and for the promotion of sustainable management for the company.Social Dialogue Group recommends clients to adopt a strategy in this regard.

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